Jisco offers two year warranty on full price products purchased from the website www.shop.jiscostyle.com.

Should any fault with the product should arise during this period, we offer a free repair or replacement service. Please refer to the Repairs section for more information.

The goods offered at jiscostyle.com are presented on the website in the form of digital photographs of the actual products. Minor discrepancies between the presentation and the actual products do not qualify as a defect in the goods ordered.

Jisco guarantees the original purchaser that products are free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is limited to the value of the Jisco product and is available to the original purchaser of the goods only. A proof of purchase is required. The warranty is not renewed after repair or replacement.

The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse or neglect, accidents, normal wear and tear, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, or damage by common carrying. The warranty specifically excludes any claims for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the product.

The warranty period shall be two year, commencing with the delivery of the goods. The warranty is not renewed upon repair or replacement of the product.

Any defects notified to us after expiry of the two year guarantee period are not covered by warranty. We are happy to help you try to repair any defects, but these repairs would be subject to charge.




Jisco offers two year warranty on full price products purchased from the website www.shop.jiscostyle.com. Should you have any quality problem with the products, we do offer a complimentary repairs service as well, for all issues resulting from company acknowledged and approved manufacturing defects within this two year period. Please get in contact with our Customer Care to submit your repair request and to get an estimate reparation delay.

You can contact with our Customer Care through the Contact Form on the website www.shop.jiscostyle.com or by sending an e-mail to help@jiscostyle.com. Our Customer Care will inform you on to send your merchandise back to us for repair.

We do require a proof of purchase in order to confirm that your repair request is covered by our policy.

Our repair service does not cover any refurbishment of the product if its appearance has diminished due to the normal use. To restore the shiny new look of your leather you can visit a leather care professional for refurbishment. Here are our tips for maximum shine and durability:

Storage: Keep the bag in a cool, dry place when not in use. Store in a fabric dust bag, never in plastic

Sun: Protect your bag from the sun that will dry the leather and cause it to become brittle

Moisturize: Use oil and waxes to keep your leather elastic and protected. Only use recommended products and get advised by an expert.

Cleaning: Keep the leather clean brushing it gently with a damp cloth. Do not use soaps or cleanser

Dry: If it gets wet, let the leather of your bag dry slowly at room temperature


Remember that with every mark and sign your leather will become softer and more unique. This bag is made to be worn and lived in, so we warmly suggest you to use, touch, try and explore. We created this bag thinking of a strong and durable companion for your adventures.

The care you use to look after your bag will preserve its beauty.



In no event shall Jisco be liable for damage compensation claims or any reimbursement of expenses, regardless of the underlying legal reason, and, in particular, not with respect to claims arising from deficiencies of the goods owing to other breaches of obligations or derived from tort. Jisco is not liable to you or any third party for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use of the product, including, without limitation, property damage, loss of value of the product or any third party products that are used in or with the product, even if Jisco has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Jisco has no liability for any damage or destruction to consumer electronics devices or other personal property that are in or connected to the products, including, without limitation, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or other devices, or any loss of data contained in the foregoing devices. Excepted from this are damages resulting from the destruction of life, personal injury or health damages for which Jisco is culpable and other damages and losses if caused by a wilful or grossly negligent behaviour of Jisco or if Jisco has assumed a guarantee